Abitibi Royalties Malartic CHL Joint Venture Project Summary: 2012 Drill Results

VAL-D'OR, QUÉBEC -- May 6, 2013 - Abitibi Royalties Inc. (TSX VENTURE:RZZ) (the "Company" or "Abitibi Royalties") is pleased to report on exploration and development activities completed by project operator, Osisko Mining Corporation ("Osisko") during 2012 on the Malartic CHL Prospect joint venture property (the "Property"). Drilling summary and statistics exclude the single "NSR-claim" covering the Charlie Zone and part of the Gouldie Zone both situated southeast of the Canadian Malartic deposit. The information herein with respect to the 2012 Drill Program and the 2012 drill holes and targets tested on the Property has been provided to Abitibi Royalties by Osisko.

2012 Drill Program on Malartic CHL Project:

In 2012, joint venture partner Osisko drilled thirty-one (31) new drillholes in addition to two (2) drillhole extensions, totalling 5,660.2 metres on the Property. Please refer to Table 1 at the end of this news release for the complete list of drillhole information and targets tested and Figures 1 and 2 for the drillhole locations.

A total of six (6) separate targets were tested during the 2012 drill program. Total metres drilled amounted to 5660.2 metres, as follows:

  • Mammoth Ext. Area: 14 ddh's, 2,699-metres

  • Jeffrey Zone (HAL) Area: 7 ddh's & 2 ddh extensions, 954.2-metres

  • GEO Target Area: 4 ddh's, 663-metres

  • North GEO Target Area: 3 ddh's, 675-metres

  • Eastern CHL target: 1 ddh, 246-metres

  • Cadillac Sediments area; 2 ddh's, 423-metres

Assay results for the individual zones tested in the 2012 drill program will follow in a series of separate news releases over the coming weeks.

Furthermore, since the grant of the option to Osisko, Osisko has devoted considerable efforts and project expenditures to the Property. Drilling statistics and property assessment work credits, as extracted from Osisko's two public domain assessment report filings, namely: (i) Technical Report on the 2007 - 2009 Diamond Drilling Program, Malartic CHL, Property Malartic, Québec, Kiddie, 2011; and (ii) Rapport technique - Rapport des campagnes de forages 2010-2011 et 2012 sur la propriété CHL, are summarized below:

  • From May 2007 to December 2009: 155 diamond drillholes for a total of 36,530m completed with a value of $3,972,403 in assessment work expenses filed; and

  • From January 2010 to April 2012: 203 diamond diamond drillholes for a total of 39,574m with a value of $3,974,864 in assessment work expense filed.

Mineral Reserves & Resources:

For the latest details on the mineral resource update and mineral reserve estimate for Abitibi Royalties' two mineralized zones (Jeffrey and Mammoth/Barnat) located on the Property, and the 2% net smelter return royalty on the claim hosting part of the Gouldie zone, please refer to the Company's March 6, 2013 and April 19, 2013 news releases. Please refer to Figure 3 herein for the details on the Reserves and Resources contained in the various zones. Additional details can also be retrieved from the technical report entitled: "A Mineral Resource Update And Mineral Reserve Estimate For Abitibi Royalties Inc.'s Malartic CHL Property Joint-Venture", dated April 17, 2013 by accessing Abitibi Royalties' issuer profile at www.sedar.com.

Brief History of the Malartic CHL Prospect and the Joint Venture Formation:

The claims comprising the Property were originally staked by Golden Valley Mines Ltd. ("Golden Valley", please refer to news release dated January 31, 2006), followed by the grant of an option to Osisko (please refer to news release dated February 3, 2006). The general terms of the option were the following: Osisko had the right to acquire a 70% interest in the Property in consideration for $150,000 in cash payments over a four year period and by completing a minimum $2,000,000 in exploration expenditures over a four year period. Osisko is the operator during both the option and joint venture phases. The agreement further provided that upon Osisko earning a 70% interest in the Property, Golden Valley would retain a 30% free-carried interest therein to production.

The agreement and the option were later assigned to Abitibi Royalties in contemplation of the completion of an arrangement between Golden Valley, the Company, and two other of Golden Valley's subsidiaries. Osisko has exercised the option to acquire a 70% interest in the Property and a joint venture is currently in effect thereon. Abitibi Royalties owns a 30% free-carried interest in the Property.

Glenn J. Mullan, Chief Executive Officer of Abitibi Royalties, is the Qualified Person (as such term is defined in National Instrument 43-101 - Standards of Mineral Disclosure) who has reviewed this news release and is responsible for the technical information reported herein.

Table 1: List of 2012 Drillholes and Targets Tested

DDH No. Section Easting Northing Azimuth Dip
CHL12-2450 6450E 716450 5334741 2 -45 114 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2451 6450E 716450 5334741 182 -63 201 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2462 6500E 716500 5334542 182 -45 240 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2460 6500E 716500 5334643 182 -45 150 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2452 6500E 716500 5334729 182 -62 222 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2453 6500E 716500 5334729 182 -71 282 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2459 6525E 716525 5334625 182 -45 141 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2458 6525E 716525 5334660 2 -45 195 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2461 6550E 716550 5334563 182 -45 126 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2454 6550E 716550 5334670 2 -45 177 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2455 6550E 716550 5334670 182 -70 261 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2426 6575E 716575 5334717 182 -71 263 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2457 6625E 716625 5334598 182 -48 141 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2456 6625E 716625 5334657 182 -50 186 Mammoth Ext. Area
CHL12-2443 7250E 717250 5334487 182 -45 105 Jeffrey Zone (HAL)
CHL12-2444 7275E 717275 5334474 182 -45 102 Jeffrey Zone (HAL)
CHL12-2445 7300E 717300 5334470 182 -45 225.2 Jeffrey Zone (HAL)
CHL12-2446 7325E 717325 5334477 182 -45 102 Jeffrey Zone (HAL)
CHL12-2447 7325E 717325 5334477 182 -64 111 Jeffrey Zone (HAL)
CHL12-2448 7350E 717350 5334462 182 -57 102 Jeffrey Zone (HAL)
CHL12-2449 7350E 717350 5334490 182 -57 102 Jeffrey Zone (Ext targeting HAL)
CHL10-2266 7350E 717350 5334546 182 -45 66 Jeffrey Zone (Ext targeting HAL)
CHL10-2259 7375E 717375 5334546 182 -45 39 Jeffrey Zone (Ext targeting HAL)
CHL12-2433 N/A 717350 5334449 189 -49 123 GEO Target
CHL12-2415 N/A 717760 5334704 189 -45 246 North GEO Target
CHL12-2432 N/A 717795 5334578 9 -45 195 North GEO Target
CHL12-2434 N/A 717825 5334440 189 -49 120 GEO Target
CHL12-2416 N/A 717840 5334514 9 -45 234 North GEO
CHL12-2417 N/A 717840 5334514 189 -45 204 GEO Target
CHL12-2418 N/A 717946 5334475 189 -45 216 GEO Target
CHL12-2414 N/A 718888 5334530 194 -46 246 Eastern CHL (never drilled area)
CHL12-2431 N/A 719010 5334732 29 -45 285 Cadillac Sediments
CHL12-2402 N/A 717370 5335245 182 -45 138 Cadillac Sediments

About Abitibi Royalties Inc.: Abitibi Royalties holds 100% title to the Luc Bourdon and Bourdon West Prospects (also known as the McFaulds Lake Property) in Ontario and a 30% free-carried interest on the Malartic CHL Property near Val-d'Or, Quebec which is the object of a joint venture with Osisko Mining Corp. ("Osisko"). In addition, the Company holds a 2% net smelter royalty interest in one additional claim held by Osisko, and may acquire and generate other property and royalty interests.

Forward Looking Statements:

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Figures 1, 2 and 3 (Project Malartic CHL prospect) are available at the following address: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/RZZ_2013-05-06_Project-Summary_FIG-01_02_03EN.pdf

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